To love, to share. To learn from one another. To remind ourselves children are amazing gifts, beautiful amanah from Allah.

For every moment photographed, love is spread.

Alhamdulillah, for a chance waking up to beautiful little people, spoiling us with their big, big LOVE.

These are visual stories of our children. One week at a time. In shaa Allah.

Sunday, 27 December 2015



Week 52.
Yup, that's it. It is the end. 

So many things to be said, but I have suddenly become lost of words. First of all, I would like to convey my heartiest thank you to Kak Min, Kak Zubye and Milin for this wonderful, wonderful opportunities of becoming a part of the AmazingYouProject2015 team. 

A very special thanks to kak Zubye, my mentor, for the invitation and for the 200% trust she gave me though sometimes, I, myself, do not have the highest confidence level in me. Thank you also to Linda, Chech, Nish and Maznie for the support throughout the year of the project.

To my husband and the three important models for this project - my Hope,Strength and Faith - four of you have been my strongest supporters and motivators and without the four of you, I won't be able to complete this project.

Throughout the year, I have learned many. I learn that being a mother can sometimes be an unglamorous 'job' ever in this whole wide world, yet, the best. At some points, I don't think about myself first - it's never what I want to wear today, what I want to eat today, what I want to do to fill my time today. No.Never. These four people come first and mine would be the last to think of, but I don't mind it at all.

I have also learned that memories are worth to be preserved - to remind you of all the good times, maybe bad times and sometimes sad times - because memories do not just contain happy moments. They are there to remind you of maybe some things that you were not proud of, won't forgive yourself of and occasionally something you might have regretted of. Of course we would want to think of the happy times most but memories are memories, they are still going to be there.

Besides that, I have learned that one must not stop learning. Learn anything that you like. Learn everything that gives you passion. Learn and learn and never stop learning eventhough some people might not understand what it is that you are trying to seek for. If you consider it a knowledge, then be it. Disregard what other people would say.  

I have such wonderful time doing this project. It sorts of like 'forcing' me to always be alert of your surroundings, your kids especially of the special moments.

To Kak Min, kak Zubye, Milin, Linda, Maznie, Nish and Chech - I really hope that the friendship that we have doesn't end here but it blossoms to a new beginning. Please pardon me if I do not ask, learn or practice enough. I am extremely a newbie in this and thank you to all of you for your kindness, sharing of knowledge and patience with someone as new as me. I really hope, even after we are not doing anything anymore for AmazingYouProject, we could gather and meet up. In shaa Allah. One fine day.

So, that's it. It has been a wonderful experience. I would be continuing my own projects :, and Do come and visit me there!

So, here is a tight virtual hug I am giving to each one of you and the special flying kisses from my three models to all of you! Here to a new beginning. Assalamualaikum.

Signing off but never gone,

min mohd

A project worth completing for. It is the end and we ended our 2015 with beautiful memories. Till a good fresh new beginning!

Zubye Rusli

I may have not gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. Praise to Allah for everything and kudos to my fellow photographer mommies herein for making this a memorable experience for both Aniq and me. Let's keep inspiring and keep on clicking. Cheers to the new beginning!

Big Love
Nish Halim

52 weeks of you.
52 weeks of friendship.

52 more years later, 
May your child(ren) visit this page,
and love all the photos, all the words,
which the mothers have poured their hearts into. 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

WEEK 51 | YOU AND ME. WE DID IT! (13 - 19 Dec)

Zubye Rusli

First I thought of putting our photo together for this theme. Yes, you and me. But hey! Look what I've got here! I'm browsing our photos taken last weekend, and I guess i got more creative 'you and me' shot. "Aku di celah jari-jarimu". Hahaha.. This time around I am the one who is in front of the camera, and you are the photographer.. and yes! we did it! - berbasikal sekeliling wetland yang luas! Just the two of us. Just you and me!

Min Mohd


You and me. We could be at each other's throats at times but we could also become 'one head' at times.
Sometimes, we drive ayah and ibu crazy,but hey! We did it!

We are the best of team but the best of all, we are sisters. Sisters of the same blood and nothing could ever change that. No matter what.

Yes. No. Matter. What.

It is not easy to photograph a pre-teen boy who is somewhat shy, who looks like he turned into a lad overnight, who is not that keen to be in the limelight....But it's for mommy's little project where she wanted to learn more about dslr, photography techniques and editing, so you hopped in. 

And your Baba is my forever amazing tripod, who has been supporting all the way from the start, who didn't mind being in the frames sometimes or clicked for us (yes, for this one), who is our number one fan who has been reading all the posts herein since the beginning. He has also been telling me to print all of your AY52 posts as a photobook for your own keepsake. 

You see? We did it Cheekyface. 
And yes, okay. I'll do that too Luv. Promise!


As I enjoyed my coffee-and-cupcake time, I looked at you and the world you were in. My life, indeed, has been sweet, with other rich flavours here and there, because of you. Let's experience more, together, the way we did, the way we always do.

Saturday, 12 December 2015



When you do what you love ; it's called passion.

Zubye Rusli

Merendam badan dalam air masin. Menanam kaki ke dalam butir pasir. Menjemur diri di bawah terik matahari. Bukanlah hari-hari kita berpeluang. Tapi sesekali kesempatan itu datang, kau ibarat sudah tidak mahu pulang.

Nish Halim

Min Mohd


You are just like me. We are not that comfortable being in front of the lense, but I love having you in front of my lense.

I love preserving memories, and I am glad you love helping me do that. It's kind of a rare occasion to see you give your best smile except when I am the one behind the lense. 

That's you holding your own photo, most probably taken at the same spot, five years back.

To more memories preserved!

Saturday, 5 December 2015


Home, I say, is wherever I'm with you. You both. Because there is where my heart resides.

Min Mohd

Nish Halim


Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness.Home is where the heart's tears can dry at their own pace.


Home. How do you define home? 

Some would regard a structure covered with walls and a rooftop is home. Some would say, home is when you fly back home to your own country from somewhere. I would have a rather vice-versa situation. Someone's heart is my home.

These four people are where my home is. In their hearts where they 'house' me from all the negativities - where I can find happiness, where I can be crazy, where I can cry my heart out and do anything that comforts me without prejudice.

A single second of me thinking about my life without them, shudders me. I don't know what will happen to me - because I don't know where will I go or where to go.

Their hearts are my home. Without them, I lost my home.

Saturday, 28 November 2015


First flood experience. 
25 Nov 2015, Doha

Zubye Rusli

I have always love the rain all my life. Its smell brings a lot of memories to me. I remember in my childhood years, when it was raining, we are allowed to play outside; to taste the rain. My son also had the chances to play in the rain everytime we go balik kampung; if it was raining season there. His Abah believes 'hujan di kampung masih sihat compared to hujan bandar'. hehehhe. I had once let him having fun in the rain few years ago, in our backyard when his Abah was not at home. But of course in his raincoat - just to make sure Abah did not questioned me if the boy got cold and flu afterwards.

However, at this moment, the boy didn't get the chance to feel the rain outside. He has started his 'berpantang' time perhaps for one or two weeks from now. Nevertheless, we are always loving you, dear Rain.. When your berpantang time is over, let us taste the rain one more time :-)


Rainy days are such special days. We are encouraged to make and say our prayers to Allah. It is now the rainy season and Subhanallah, we could see and smell the rain almost everyday. 

You and your sister have always loved the rain. That umbrella - specifically bought to be played in rainy days. You and your sister would always beg ayah, to let the both of you use the umbrella and play in the rain. 

You will always ask questions such as, "Why does the rain come down?", and you would immediately answer on your own, " that the trees can drink water, kan ayah?". Ayah will always continue your answer and explain things and you will nod vigorously, to show you understand. Always the same question, everytime the rain comes down and ayah will never get bored explaining them again and again to you.

I am sure, when you grow older, I would miss this moment. Ayah would miss it the most, I am sure of that too. The sincerity in your eyes everytime you listen to ayah explaining to you just makes my heart fluttered with contentment.

I hope you would not get tired of explaining about the rain to your future children whenever they ask you about it. Just remember how ayah explains it all to you and everything will be okay.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

WEEK 47 | ART ATTACK (15-21 NOV 2015)

Min Mohd


Things that will never miss a spot in your artwork - the five of us will always be together, no matter what.

Di mana-mana pun boleh melukis. What you need is just a pencil, a paper and a huge canvas of your imaginations. What a beautiful experience for both of us that day. We went to the launching of an art exhibition by artist Mazlan Noor at Artiseri Gallery; surrounded by a full crowd of highly talented and inspirational people; come from various kind of art background - painter, writer, film director, actor, singer, poet, sculptor, photographer, performer and even a director of Balai Seni Visual Negara; Dato Mahathir Lokman. It was a surprise for you (and me too of course) because your idol was there too. She is Emila Yusof, the famous children's book illustrator. We said hi to her and having the opportunity to have a chat with her is such an inspiration! You showed her your drawing book you brought that day and she praised all your work and you blushed :-). You listened to her advice with full of admiration. And, it was your rizq also that you got to meet another successful illustrator - Yusof Gajah who is able to travel around the world by just being a children's book writer/illustrator. And on our back home in the train, you said you dream to travel the world too, just like Atok Yusof. I said, yes you are capable in doing anything you wish to do, son. Never stop dreaming.

Nish Halim


Saturday, 14 November 2015

WEEK 46 | BLANK (8-14 NOV 2015)

Min Mohd

Zubye Rusli

Tomorrow is a blank page, waiting to be filled with your dreams.
All you have to do is be yourself and live the story of your own unique life.
Be proud. Be confident. Be humble.
And most of all, be happy.


I always observe you. You always have this kind of blank stare, sometimes. Deep down, behind those blank stares, I know you are thinking, imagining things which are way ahead than when you are supposed to be worrying about.

I know you have a lot of questions. So many  till you can't wait for each opportunity that awaits. Behold, Hope! Let ayah and ibu do the worrying. You just enjoy and have fun. You are supposed to be a child. 


Nish Halim

Do not leave your life pages blank, go make some marks there.


Permulaannya kosong. Kau corakkan. Kemudian, penuh. Semoga setiap titik, setiap garis, setiap warna serba bermakna.

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